Stringkillers Gig bags 2002 - Electric guitar Essentials

So let's have a look at all these essentials
These have been detailled in Gig bag 2.

Red Box

Sans amp

Guitar Tuner

Nady Wireless

These have already been featured in detail in Gig bag 2.

Other pedals
Not currently used on stage

Mesa Boogie V twin -

This pedal is used at home as a preamp for my Fender Bassman RI, which having been retubed, sounds great. Since aquiring the Full Drive I have not used this pedal much. The only setting I like on it (especially with a Fender Amplifier) is the First overdrive in the first channel which has a nice boost without too much Bogie Compresion, and a sweet sustain.
Jim Dunlop wha wha -

Only gets taken out if needed and even then if Stringkiller is feeling foot tapping lazy 'll take the Boss Auto Wah.

Boss Metal Zone - last used in rehearsals for amplifier overdrive

- replaced by the Full Drive -

Ibanez Digital Delay

I am thinking of taking my Bassman out for some oudoor gigs. The problem is the Fender RI Tube reverb. Clean it sounds fine but with an overdrive pedal, before or after the Reverb, the reverb is too much - the easy solution is either turn the reverb down if you need it during the solo or turn the reverb off when engaging the overdrive pedal. So rather than take that out I might reactivate this useful pedal.

The contents of this are critical to the success of your concert!

Acoustic bag

  • Page 1 Introduction
  • Page 2 - Overview
  • Page 3 - Fulltone Drive II
  • Page 4 - Acoustic Guitar Strings

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