Stringkillers Gig bags 2002 - Electric guitar.
The pedals inside the blue bag.

The Fulltone Fulldrive 2

These settings are my sons's Alec, and like most settings on this pedal they sound great.

Basically channel one (left footswitch) sounds like a good Marshal 50 watt head and the second channel (right footswitch) like a very creamy Soldano 100 watt head.

The controls are simple and effective. It is also considerably lighter and cheaper than the two guitar amplifiers mentioned ;-).

Let's have closer look at this tone tweaker.

Construction : Unfortunately one of the four screws and three of the four rubber washers have dissappeared over time, but it does not wobble on stage and sounds great.

The bhousing itself is solid but the bottom screws have dissapeared over time and the push pull volume provides a fantastic choice of sounds.

This pedal does not work well as a floor pedal bas your foot can easily knock the volume setting up or down and also if Compression cut has been engaged (by pulling up the left volume knob) it is too easy to stomp it down.

Note the push pull on the volume - pulling it up (called comp-cut) gives you another voicing - cleaner, smoother and with great sustain.

Unfortunately I avoid this on gigs as one has a tendency to stomp the volume pedal down at some time or another in a two to four concert and that's a drag.

Also it is very easy to turn that volume knob inadvertantly during a concert and that can give unwanted suprises.

Another back shot. I really enjoy visiting this pedal's Daddy - Mike Fuller's website - his tunes are cool and he has a wonderful guitar and amplifier collection. He also makes great pedals like this Full Drive II so check it out.

Here's another angle, clear easy to find plugs and wall wart socket.
I power up to 5 stomp boxes off one Ibanez wall wart. Not bad ;-)

Here's another angle, clear easy to find plugs and wall wart socket. As with most distortion units the 9 volt battery lasts about three months.

I only use the mains in concerts with an Ibanez Wall Wart and a cable for 5 stomp boxes.

Also like a lot of distortion units there is a spot where the battery is low and the distortion is especially sweet.

I heard that Duane Allman used a fuzz face at Muscle Shoals (Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett and the first Boz Scagg's album) where he would run the battery down before inserting it.

I believe Eric Johnson does this too, but after seeing playing in Paris where he had about twenty pedals going to three amplifiers I couldn't work out which pedals had been set up with run down batteries.

If you get a chance to try one of these out be careful you'll want to walk out of the store with it.

Acoustic bag

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