Stringkillers Gig bags 2002 - Electric guitar.
The pedals inside the blue bag.

The Fulltone Deja Vibe2

This is a cool pedal.

The controls are pretty simple two rocker switches on the left (Vibrato or Chorus)and right (Bright or Dark) of the Deja Vibe. Then you have in the middle left volume and on the right Intensity. On the lower left you have speed and the diode flashes in time with the speed you select. Middle bottom rocker switch to turn the effect on or off.

Construction : Larger Rubber rings and chassis screws so no problems here.

This broke down at the begiining of the year (Diode and Footswith failure) Fredo, our amp tech, redid it but could not find a diode that goes on off so actually the actual diode is on all the time and one has to be careful not to leave this on all the time as it just fills out your sound. Most people who use these are very tempted to leave them all the time.

The guitarist from Cry of love uses one a Deja Vibe and he's also a pretty tasty player.

Warren Hayes uses a Hughues And Kettner Rotovibe which are not that common here in France and that's on my shopping list for the next US visit ashe gets a great 'Leslie' (the Hammond Organ Rotating Speakers) effect which is my main use for the Deja Vibe.

I really enjoy visiting this pedal's Daddy - Mike Fuller's website - his tunes are cool and he has a wonderful guitar and amplifier collection. He also makes great pedals like this Full Drive II so check it out.

Here's another angle, clear easy to find plugs and wall wart socket.

If you get a chance to try one of these out be careful you'll want to walk out of the store with it.

Acoustic bag

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