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I really enjoy playing the guitar.
Each instrument has it's own character and feel.
Some have it big and some I would not even touch.
I hope you enjoy reading and hearing these guitars.
Your email is always welcome.

Obviously this is going to be one of the pages that will be constantly updated.
Fender Telecaster 51 RI
Fender Telecaster 51 RI
Gibson Custom Shop ES 335
Gibson Custom Shop ES 335
Fender Precision Bass

Fender Precision Bass

PRS Custom Electric 24
PRS Custom Electric 24
Fender SRV Stratocaster
Fender SRV Stratocaster
More Telecasters
More Telecasters
More Stratocasters
More Stratocasters

Ibanez AS50, Gibson Les Paul Classic, Gibson ES 355 

Ibanez AS50,
Gibson Les Paul Classic,
Gibson ES 355 'Lucille'

Casio Guitar synth
Casio Guitar synth

Gibson Firebird
Gibson Firebird
Picture on way

Ernie Ball Guitar Strings
Ernie Ball Guitar Strings

Tom Anderson Hollow T
Tom Anderson Hollow T

Fender Telecaster Custom 62 RI
Fender Telecaster
Custom 62 RI

Fender Custom Shop Telecaster
Fender Custom Shop Telecaster

Fender Bassman RI + modifications
Fender Bassman RI + modifications

Marshall 30th Anniversary
Marshall 30th Anniversary

Stirling's Taylor Electro acoustic Guitar
Stirling's Taylor Electro acoustic

from Adage
Shadows style group
with Jack Vodka

Gibson 1982 335 Custom Shop, Fender Telecaster Custom Shop,
1964 Gibson Firebird

Gibson 335 Custom Shop, Fender Telecaster Custom Shop,
Gibson Firebird

Gibson 335 Custom Shop, Fender Telecaster 62 custom RI,
Gibson Firebird with an
Ibanez 12 string in the background

Fender Telecaster '52 reissue in front of a Fender Deluxe reverb
- a very nice combination.
Hear this guitar in the
Stringkiller Telecaster shoot out

Once I was in a very nice and friendly store in Frederick Maryland and I hesitated on a blonde ES 335 RI with PAF (Patent applied for) pickups. Never hesitate on blondes :-)
This 1992 Gibson custom shop ES 335 is finished in white.It has a beautiful neck, the PAF humbucking pickups are wonderful.

Here's a nice shot of this cool 335 in action.
This photo was taken by a professional photographer.
I don't remember her name but would like one day to add it for the credit of this shot

Click here to hear this dream Gibson 335 through a Mesa Boogie MK4
coupled with a Mesa Boogie Satelite at the 287 Rock and Roll Café.

This 335 sounds great through any amplifier.

A trusty old workhorse - Fender
Precision Bass

More Electrics

Paul Reed Smiths from the Paris Music show 1998.
These guitars were a little dissapointing, maybe they were for Export?
I have expressed my views in my show report.
To get excited have a look at Garret Park Guitars now there are some cool PRS models.
Make sure to visit the The PRS Forum which is a well run and cool site

Two early 90s Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocasters
with the brazilian rosewood necks.
I sold one and changed the pickguard on the other. Great sound.
Check out this
site if you are into Stevie.

Dustbin - a mid 60s Fender Telecaster found in a dustbin in Paris. I redid her with Joe Barden pick ups.Then there's a first year Fender Mexican Telecaster (94?), a 1990 RI 52 Tele and a Schecter Tele with EMG pickups and a great ebony neck.
Check out my Telecaster Shootout

Behind the amps are a Fender RI (reissue) Bassman, a Fender Deluxe Reverb and a very hot Fender Champ that can drive a good 4*12Marshall cabinet wild.
That cabinet is now on loan to my 16 year old son Alec Stringkiller with his
JCM 800 Marshall 100 watt head hot rodded by Fredo at Valve's House Paris With the KT 50 modification 15 turbocharged watts instead of 100 turbocharged 100 watts)that Marshall amp head makes this cabinet sing

My Paul Reed Smith Standard, Fender Clapton Strat
and SRV Strat.

Fender Clapton Strat and SRV Strat and
Fernandes Strat.

Click here to hear my Clapton Stratocaster through
the MK4 Boogie in the studio,
the solo comes from a song called 'Meme'
Here's the link if you want to hear the full songs.
Copyright Luis Talon Used with permission

Here's a cool Fender US Standard Stratocaster which had
a Silver Frog glued in on the top.
It sounded great but kept on breaking strings on me so it found
another home with my friend Fred

80s Ibanez Artist prototype with PRS pickups- HFS Treble
on the bridge and Vintage bass for the neck, (a hot little
number eh Costa?).
1990 Les Paul Classic, 1992 Gibson Lucille
(a very clear and sweet sounding guitar), the link is to an 1994 concert
and last in line, my 1990 Paul Reed Standard(the best)

80s Ibanez Artist prototype with PRS pickups (a hot little
number), 1990 Les Paul Classic, 1992 Gibson Lucille and 1990
Paul Reed Smith Standard (the best). Behind the amps are a
Fender RI (reissue) Bassman, a Fender Deluxe Reverb and a
very hot Fender Champ and a 60s Gibson Hummingbird.

Casio (Fugi Gakki made) guitar synth - great action and great pickups and super pots(volume and tone) with a really gradual roll off.
This was on loan to Alec Stringkiller, my son until he got his Ibanez seven string guitar :-).
Click here for a Summer 2000 update now that Alec has given me back this Casio guitar

A 1960s Gibson Firebird, in front a killer (must wear ear plugs)
Mesa Boogie MK4 combo with a Boogie Simulclass Satelite.
This Satelite was my favorite amplifier until I blew the speaker out!
When I changed the speaker (same make and model)
the magic had gone ;-(

A Gibson Firebird, cool burgundy mist finish.

They don't call me Stringkiller for nothing.
I must be one of
Ernie Ball's best clients on this planet but these are the strings for me.
2002 see Gig Bag three for a strings update

My number two guitar a Hollow T from
Tom Anderson.
I love quilt finishes and this guitar is really really special
I have just finished a Telecaster shootout (comparison of 5 Teles)
Check out the Telecaster Shootout .
Also if you are into these guitars visit Anderson Alley

This guitar is featured in our first Digital video

Click here to hear this light bodied singing dream guitar Telecaster Custom RI 62) through a Mesa Boogie Subway 20 watt amplifier on 2.

Here's the concert link to hear more

NB: I got this guitar to put in Joe Barden Pickups. Every time I do this someone here in France makes me an offer I can't refuse. So for the moment I had a Seymour Duncan Bridge 55 flatpole bridge pickup
but have changed that to a STL 1B Broadcaster bridge pickup.
For the neck pickup I currently have a Seymour Duncan STR I Vintage Neck pick up installed but I have decided on a Seymour Duncan APT 1 Alnico II pro neck pickup rather than the Seymour Duncan STR1.

This Fender Telecaster custom was traded (straight swop)
for the Tom Anderson Hollow T.

Check the Bird's eye maple on this neck, Fender Texas special pickups etc..

was my number one Telecaster, a 52 RI with the original wiring.
I haven't changed a thing on it and it just has the sound of anything you want.
Remember how a lot of people thought the first two Led Zepellin albums
were Les Pauls when in fact most of the electric sounds are straight Telecaster.

The Fender Bassman (RI model) The reference amp - at 30 watts this is it. I changed the rectifier to a tube rectifier and the 12AX to 12AY which makes hit a little quieter and much much smoother. Want get the chills? Just plug in here, via a Fender RI reverb tank with dwell and Mix controls. Wow. The Acoustic is a cool 150 watt Solid state amplifier.
I ended up using the two twelve inch speakers with a
Mesa Boogie 50w head
and various Marshall Heads.
This link is to an 1994 concert. The Boogie and the Cabinets are being used by Jack Vodka, our bassist.

Here's a cool tube modification you can do if you have a Fender Bassman 59 Reissue model.

Here's the rectifier mod. It's the last tube on the left
(when looking at the amp from behind.)
Please remember not to do this if you are not aware of the basic safety rules
of dealing with tube amplifiers.

Change the last tube on the right 12AX7
(when looking at the amp from behind)
with the 12AY7 (hard to find in Europe)
you'll have a smoother warmer sound:-)

Most Marshalls are too big and too loud for the little Paris clubs and Bistros we play in.
This Thirtieth anniversary combo is a great amp.
It is sitting on a Mesa Boogie 200w Electo Voice extention cabinet
(a useful thing to have on large stages).
This cabinet sounds great with my 1962 Fender Champ

Click here to hear some of these guitars on a studio project
I did with Luis Talon, a talented French composer -
don't freak out because it is in French,
you can find the links and lean back and enjoy the sounds.

Fender Bassman RI + modifications
If you have not checked your gig bag lately click here .


So all your friends tell you you've been playing too loud and it's only now you've heard about it?
Visit Valve house Paris to get the tone to the bone solution.

Mesa Boogie Mark IV Combo
Go to Guitar/Amplifier Dream rigs

Fender Precision bass
Do you feature any bass guitars and amplifiers?

Nocaster Relic Stringkiller has just finished a Telecaster shoot out.
Maybe your conclusions won't be the same as mine
after hearing these 5 Telecasters in action

Enjoy :-)

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