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New 1999 for Guitarists - don't forget your gig bag

1975 Fender Precision bass renovation (0601) by DNG Paris Before and after shots - this guitar had been left 20 years in the case with strings at full tension so the neck was not intonating right. It also had the plastic from the Fender guitar strap melt into the back of the guitar. I will be doing a Precision shoot out soon like my Telecaster shootout. The neck is fine now and this bass sounds really good with the maple neck. The other shots are just of some cool Les Pauls in the Paris shops. For other info on DNG see The Paris Music Show. and here

Here's a couple shots when I played Bass in the band while Robert Jackson played some very tasty guitar.

Yes That's Fifou on flute on the left.

Philip’s Musicman Stingray bass Guitar.

Philip Bottomline's Musicman Bass in front of a 100 Watt Hi watt amplifier and 4*70 watt Fane Speakers.
In fact I use this amp for bass through a 400 watt Mesa Boogie 15 Electro voice speaker.

A Close up - check out the size of the pickup magnets, and the bridge design. What a wild scratchplate shape!

One picture with flash, one without. The peg head and tuner arrangement is rather cool.

Philip is always changing his strings when he's not boiling them or doing other strange things to them.

A Close up - One of the uses of digital cameras is to take pictures for insurance companies - the guys that find a million reasons not to pay up. (Let's not go into the older the guitar is the less it's worth - residual value - and other 'big' words why they don't want to pay!) I'll have to do this one again so we can find out more about this guitar.

A back view - notice the quality and beauty of the neck wood.
Also the yellowish tinge like old Fender Olympic White guitars.

Sorry the flash has over exposed this picture and ruined it for the guitar but you get a good look
at the Fane speakers. Sorry for the spot on the lenses :-(

Another cabinet shot.

Thsi shows up the body finish and color well, notice the string dampers by the bridge and all those knobs (well only three)

Here's the link if you want to hear this bass on a studio recording.

Philip’s 1974 Olympic White Fender Precision bass Guitar.

Check out Philip's Olympic White Fender Precision to see what I mean about this yellowing process

Philip's bass amplifiers

His small 20 watt Fender bass amplifier. The picture is from this concert

His 100 watt Fender bass amplifier

Malek's 6 string Yamaha bass Guitar
and his Hofner Fretless bass

For more details check out The backline article on this gig.

Here's a shot of Malek with his previous basses to the two above, a Warwick
and if I remember rightly an Aria
The Warwick had a good solid sound and I believe these are manufactured in Germany.

May 2002 - Fender Studio Bass apmplifier Date Unknown 70s

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