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Music is a universal language, music knows of no boundaries except our own imagination . Wherever I travel I will always meet kindred souls who feel for the same kinds of music as I do.

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Bruce Stringkiller's family and friends

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Cha Cha


Malcolm of Mblue


Rockin' Roger

Alec Stringkiller
and his band

Jacky Rolland
of Aventure

Shadows style group
with Jack Vodka

Essential support personnel

Fredo of VHM
who keeps my amps
Valve House 0701 Update

Guitare Garage
for all guitar pickup and
wiring solutions

Buying guitars in Paris?
Go visit Lead Guitars

The first and foremost person in my life is my great friend and wife, Dinky. She’ll always tell me (nicely) if I’m playing out of tune :-)

Finally the whole family ('cept Chatchat) is together and finally I have my other daughter
DJ Lexi (as she is known to her rave fans in Scotland and France)on the web site, Alec, Dinks, me and Bryony round the dinner table.
The link is a short MP3 clip by Dad in 95 of the kind of music DJ L likes!

I have finally managed to get Alexa, which is DJ Lexi's name on this web site !

My cat's diet for the world cup. Chatchat, our cat, has got the family into the habit of feeding her all the time. So this has got to stop.

Here she is -
Chatchat the Stringkiller cat with the link to her own website ;-)
Cha Cha's second web site (for all you Cat lover's out there)

Cha cha web site 3, the Stringkiller cat where's Waldo?
Sittin on top of the world ....
or on top of Stringkiller's Vintage Guitar Magazines.
Here's a picture of
Thibaut and my eldest daughter Bryony .

Thib is playing his very nice
Gibson 1952 ES 125

Thib is also building a rather interesting Telecaster type guitar. So far, after getting the body from Stewart McDonald in the U.S.A. He then had it carved to his own tasty specifications in Indonesia. More to follow on this project.

Malcolm is my Scottish friend, we were raised on the same music and he sings and plays some very mean licks in his band ‘Loose Blues’ also based in Paris. Malcolm is now playing in M'blue
This guy is so nice he even passes Dr Pickup good leads for gigs. Ain’t that lovin’ ya?
May 2002 - Here's his band website, M'blue

Malcom is just checking a Gibson Custom Shop 335 in a custom white finish with PAF pickups. I sold the 64 Burgundy mist Firebird to some journalist in Belgium. Try it thru’ a 100W Hi Watt stack buddy. The Custom shop Tele (called Sparkle) was traded in for my current Tom Anderson Hollow T.
Be sure to visit M'blues web site
to view the Telecaster shoot-out

Here are some pictures taken at 2 in the morning on arrival at Greg’s place near Santa Barbara. Greg is a fun guy and just about the best (most versatile guitarist I have ever had the pleasure of playing with) Pity you don’t get to see the Flamenco shots while drinking Tio Pepe Sherry. Check out his 58 or 59 ES 175, I’m playing his very sexy 1959 ES 335.

Here Greg is just dialing in the ES 335.
Amps at 2 in the morning could only be blackface Fender Deluxes.

A couple of hours later here I am in front of his wife’s beautiful paintings with four of the most beautiful guitars in the world. 52 Les Paul, 1954 Stratocaster, 1959 ES 355 and a 58 or 59 ES 175.

Greg and I and the axes

A little back shot

Gotta leave this dream the right way round

Here’s my friend Rockin Roger Wakelam, he really likes Ovations as you can see.

Here we are wailing away at home, that’s a rather nice Gibson Dove Momoc (what a name heh?) lent me for a few months.

Wail on boys, just keep on keeping on

Here's a blast from the past -
This picture must be 12 or 13 years old as the little fella in the middle is my son Alec.

Here's a picture of Alec in January 1999 blowing on Roger's Ovation. He is developping into a tasty and accomplished musician, singer, guitarist and bass guitarist. He also happens to be one very calm, nice guy. I'm going to be helping him and his band with their web site soon.

Alec got his seven string Ibanez guitar
for his sixteenth birthday.
Use the link to check it out.

Here's a picture of Alec and his new guitar.
May 2002

In fact Roger and I are jamming with my friend Jackie ‘Nashville’ Rolland.
Jackie got me into my first band in France. This band ‘Aventure', that’s French for Adventure ;-() initially is still going. This band does every type of music from French musette (you know with the Accordion) to waltzes and tangos. The link takes you to the New Year 1999 concert I did with Jackie. Hey you gotta keep your chops up :-)

Jackie has a great voice and he was my ‘mentor’ in helping me learn to sing and use the microphone and sound system to push it out. Merci Jackie:-)

Here he is playing my Ibanez cutaway prototype and I’m on Momoc’s Dove.

One of the nice things about working in Jackie’s band is he’s very concerned on ‘attitude’ and ‘presentation’. Here’s a Jackie ‘attitude’ picture, on stage this means 'Wail on Stringkiller!

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Gary (Shrimp City Slim and his band), Robert Jackson, Louis Talon, Elena, Kimber & Cousin Richard

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