Bruce Stringkiller's Backline New year 1999

New years 1999 party at Behoust france with Jackie Rolland

Now for 1999 here are the backline pictures of the new year's gig.

Here are the guitars used on 31 december 1999 gig - We played for 6 hours. The second from the right is a Tom Anderson Hollow T classic. It is hollow, light as a feather and is a joy to play all night long without ending up with a Jimmy Page of Led Zepellin Les Paul back ache :-) (Just kidding Jimmy)

This was not a Dr Pickup gig - From the left Malik’s 6 string Yamaha bass which sounds lovely. I think he’s changed the original pickups to Bartolinis . He continually amazes me with the voicings and invertions he comes up with on this guitar. He puts his basses through an Evans amp (behind the White fretless Hohner bass with the Hartke 4*10 cabinet and the Evans cabinet (under my Boogie Subway on the left) with 2*10 speakers and some kind of a horn.
Then there’s Jackie’s Fender US Standard (early nineties) going through a silver face Fender Twin. (?1972-73?). This is the master volume model (135 watts) that is considered less cool sounding that the blackface and non master volumes (80 watts). Well Jackie sounds great through it and really puts out a good solid groove that just makes it so easy to sing and solo over.
Next in line was my back up guitar a 1990 Fender Clapton Stratocaster which I only used for about 30 minutes due to a string break. This particular model was the thirty second I tried and has a less pronounced V neck than most and just sparkles with clear sustain. The lace sensors pickups are a marvel.

Next in line is my 1994 Tom Anderson Hollow Telecaster which I straight swopped for a Fender Telecaster Custom shop - Special Guitar centre edition (a great guitar but not as sweet sounding as my 52 Telecaster RI). If you have not played Tom Anderson’s please go and try them out. It was the winner of Stringkiller's Telecaster Shootout They feel and sound great (with the Buzz Feitzen nut system they really stay in tune) and those pickups can deliver whatever tone is required. After a six hour gig on new year I felt fresh and ready for 1999.
I am now using a Boogie Subway blues nearly all the time. The tone is beautiful, the reverb is lush and with a V twin pedal you get three distinct channels. As this was quite a large gig, 200+ people I nearly took the MK4 out. When we were packing to go home I was very pleased just to slip the cover on and easily take this light amp out to the car, rather than having someone help me schelp out the MK4 which weighs about 4 to 5 times more in it's flight case.
The last guitar is a fretless Hohner Jazz bass. This guitar has great original pickups and that incomparable fretless sound.

Listen to Malik laying the fretless bass down and the band simmering on this slow blues (Volume on 4 or 10H00 on a clock).
This was quite a big hall
and that always has to be taken into consideration.
This was probably the only 'blues' we played all night

Listen to this farandole.
The crowd was swinging, notice how Jackie leads straight into the next number.
or Here is a beguine.

Here's a picture of the Telecaster Custom in front of a 60s Fender Siverface Deluxe

Just to tweak your ears here's a Fender SRV Stratocaster 1992 though a Mesa Boogie Vtwin and a Mesa Boogie Subway blues.
We were playing very quiet the Subway boogie was on 2 or 8H30 on a clock.
This is an extract The Evans Party in Fontainebleu.

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