Stringkillers Gig bags 2002
Overview Electric guitar

So let's have a look at all these essentials

  1. Blue pedal bag - details later
  2. includes short guitar cables for pedals
  3. Fulltone déja vibe - returned from repair - a great vibrato, chrorus type Leslie effects
  4. Nady wireless
  5. Nady Guitar pack (on it's last legs)
  6. Boss Auto wah
  7. 9 volt wall wart with multiple connection cable
  8. Horizon vintage II guitar cables - I'm consantly amazed by guitarists that have high guitars and expensive amplifiers and get a weak sound due to low quality cables.
  9. Two guitar stand bottoms
  10. Plenty of spare strings (in the side pocket)

    Not in Picture

  11. Red box, plectrums, slide, spare fuses, female female jacks, regular and satr screwdriver, emergency capo, wire cutters, string winder,
  12. Electric torch
  13. Junction box mains cable

    The contents of this are critical to the success of your concert!

    Acoustic bag

  14. Page 1 Introduction
  15. Page 2 - Overview
  16. Page 3 - Fulltone Drive II
  17. Page 4 - Acoustic Guitar Strings

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