Stringkillers Gig bags 2002
Overview Acoustic guitar gig bag

So let's have a look at all these essentials

  • 2 Horizon vintage II guitar cables -
    I'm consantly amazed by guitarists that have high guitars and expensive amplifiers and get a weak sound due to low quality cables.
  • Sans Amp backup
  • Two guitar stand bottoms
  • Plenty of spare strings (in the side pocket)
  • Multiple mains junction box with a long lead
  • If I'm taking my sound system (the case here) mains cable, three speaker cables (one spare)
  • 2 guitar cables

    Not in Picture

  • Red box, plectrums, slide, spare fuses, female female jacks, regular and starscrewdriver, emergency capo, wire cutters, string winder,
  • Electric torch
  • Blue pedal bag - details later

    The contents of this are critical to the success of your concert!

Acoustic bag

  • Page 1 Introduction
  • Page 2 - Overview
  • Page 3 - Fulltone Drive II
  • Page 4 - Acoustic Guitar Strings

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