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The Dr Pickup band
A Paris based blues band.

Dr Pickup is an original blues, boogie and swing band that has been working for the last twenty years.

The objectives of this web site are to inform and entertain you.
My name is Bruce Stringkiller and I sing, play the guitar and now run this website.

Like many musicians we enjoy the quality of the instruments we are fortunate to use
and I will continuing to put up more sound and pictures of some dream instruments for your
auditory and optical pleasure.

To hear the band, click on past concert pages
Listen and buy our CDs on line

Dr Pickup is dedicated to excellence in offering groove, blues, acoustic blues
or a wide variety of music for festivals, corporate events, parties, birthdays, weddings, etc....

Be sure to check our past concert files with sound and upcoming concert dates

To contact Dr Pickup
Telephone 01 47 08 12 12

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