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The Dr Pickup band plays at Le Cineart Café, 5 Bis rue des Anciennes Maries à Nanterre. 7 May 1999.

Dr Pickup plays the Le Cineart Café
5 Bis rue des Anciennes Maries à Nanterre. 7 May 1999.
Real Audio files by Dr Pickup Blues.
9 pages 80 photos and soundclips on 4 diffdernet web sites. Tecnical notes

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Having just got a new PC I thought that life was going to be easier and for this kind of multimedia work faster. I was seriously wrong.
Even with 128 K of Ram, whatever that even when cutting and clipping half the time you have to do it again. Forget printing hten your computer becomes like Bill gates in front of the senate committee and forgets all the simple little things like saying hello before forgeting what it was doing 50 seconds ago.
First Windows 98 takes all that extra space and processor speed and then comes back at you slower and even more infuriating than the previous Win 95 and WIN 3.1 incarnations. Also it crashes once it gets 50% of the resources up.
Why do we have all these bells and whistles that few people use? Even more macabre is all the stuff they have now added in to help you produce web pages as if there are any other companies like Real Audio in existence. All the MS stuff wants to be the 'default' program all the time.
Everyone where I work had loaded the new Internet explorer 5.0 and Netscape equivalents within 24 hours of having the new network up and then we all found out that IE 5.0 actually interferes with your Operating System, so we had to waste time doing yet another reinstall.
This is a disaster if, as in my case you work in France, have a French Operating System like W98 and then start putting in Microsoft US or MS English language Explorers in your system. Anyhow there is a huge opportunity out there for some fat cat.
So anyhow that's just another cross to bear. Thank god I'm a blues singer /-). For the previous concert at the Irish café I made the mistake of thinking I could up the sampling rate from 20,000 Hz, 16 Bit mono to 48000 Hz, 16 Bit Stereo. So most of the material here is recorded into wave files at 20,000 Hz, 16 bit mono. But I have done a little bit of comparisons etc which I'll comment once I have the site up. You'll notice that my email flag is also unintentionally included in one or two of the audio clips.
The other thing to bear in mind when doing this kind of work is what monitor speakers you use and what is your mixing level. It is advisable to always try to have the same level difficult if you are doing this with other co workers around.
Didier the owner of the Cineart is one of those rare club owners that actually like listening to the bands he books. He also treats musicians like human beings that can't be said for some club owners we all work with. After a great soundcheck, a super meal with Aretha Franklin and the Muscle Shoals house band including Duane Allman tracks coming over the house sound system we were inspired to hit the stage. I had my trusty little tape recorder and Didier actually taped us through the sound house system - compare the sounds and enjoy.
I really liked Philippe's bass sound and Pascal's drumming (house bass drum) I am also happy that Raphael is coming along and stretching out a little in the band. It was his second concert after all! When are we going to see you at one of our concerts?

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Dr Pickup plays Le Cineart Café - 5 Bis rue des Anciennes Maries à Nanterre.
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