Dr Pickup plays the Le Cineart Café
5 Bis rue des Anciennes Maries à Nanterre. 7 May 1999.
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Real Audio files by Dr Pickup Blues.
7 pages 65 photos and soundclips. Enjoy :-)

Music by Dr Pickup
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Le Cineart Café, 5 Bis rue des Anciennes Maries in Nanterre.
5 May 1999 - Page 5

You can even bring your kids (1 minute 36 seconds) 28.8k modem stream

A pilgrim (18 seconds) 28.8k modem stream

Raphael (20 seconds) 28.8k modem stream

A pilgrim (30 seconds) 28.8k modem stream

Round at the bar
(1 minute 20 seconds) 28.8k modem stream

The Dr Pickup band (46 seconds) 28.8k modem stream

Philip Bottomline (27 seconds)NB The sound here is from my Walkman and not the soundboard for the next few files. I'll put up an explanation on the last page with some comparisons. 28.8k modem stream

Paolo came up to add some bass, have a listen (from the Walkman I'm afraid) (1 minute 34 seconds) 28.8k modem stream

Chacha, My cat sings better than this exuberant audience member but it all fun anyway. Click on Chacha for more news on the Stringkiller cat. (2 minutes seconds) 28.8k modem stream

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The Dr Pickup Real Audio Files

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