Stringkiller's Telecaster shoot-out.

Guitar n 5 G&L ASAT -

George Fullerton and Leo Fender (The founder of Fender Musical Instruments) . I got this guitar for the pickups - they resemble the feel and sound of Fifties Gibson P 90s pickups and this guitar has that sound. I don't particularly like the neck radius and size which is a little small for my taste. I have just sold this guitar and that's what sparked off the idea of having a record of all these different, yet similar guitars. I also want to check out the new G&L with the split pickups.

28.8k modem stream

G&L ASAT both pickups,
( 1 minute )

28.8k modem stream

G&L ASAT neck pickup (1 minute 6 Seconds) Turn me up and I bite

28.8k modem stream

G&L ASAT bridge pickup (1 minute) Turn me up and I get nasty

28.8k modem stream

G&L Asat headstock (1 minute) neck pickup again

28.8k modem stream

This G&L ASAT has a good neck body joint (1 minute) The workman ship on this guitar is good. It's a great guitar, I sold mine because the neck was too cambered for me and a little too small but I have very fond memories of this guitars pickups cooing and snarling.

Click to see some concert pictures of this G&L ASAT guitar

Click on each of the different guitars to hear them and see some close up shots. Use right mouse or click on the photos to see the full size photos. Enjoy.

Tom Anderson Hollow T 1994
Fender Telecaster 52 Reissue model (1990)
Thibaut's Telecaster 1999
Fender Telecaster Custom 62 Reissue model
G&L ASAT Early 90s model
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