The Paris Music Show. Grande Halle de la Villette
(Porte de Pantin)April 8 1998.

Part 6. Conclusions

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Part 2 - People,
Part 1 - Objectives, horns and Strange mandolins
Part 4 - American guitars.
Part 5 - Drums.

Stringkiller's conclusions

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We enjoyed ourselves, meeting old friends and hearing some good music.
To refresh my memory here were my objectives.
Stringkiller's objectives for the show:
Relax and have a good time.
Check out the new hollow body PRS Mc Carthy Models.
Check out the new Marshall J2000 (I think!)
Hear Pascal Mulot's bass workshop.
hear the Roland V5 (?)

So the person on the Paul Reed Smith booth told me that the PRS Mc Carthy hollow body models were picked up the day before to go back to States. He gave me their catalogue - if you havenít seen it and like good guitars get it -. In fact the only model not featured in the catalogue was the PRS Mc Carthy hollow body model! NB The link (redundant taken out Jan 99) is to the solid body model as I can't find any information about the hollow body on the PRS web site.
I have since read that they are full hollow guitars like Gibson ES 330 rather than semi - hollow with the block in the middle of the body as in the Gibson ES 335. PRS seem to have solved feedback problems and when Iím in the States in August this is a priority try out. I was very disappointed in the red PRS Mc Carthy that was there, I didnít even feel like trying it out.

The Marshall J2000. (NB You need Shockwave here)
Well Gaffarel were there, but mainly showing Korg keyboards and effects. Iíll just have to wait or hope that we get into a rehearsal studio or studio with one of these heads and one or two 4X12 cabinets and check it out.

Pascal Mulotís workshop was great but too loud, we stayed outside the booth as we didnít have our earplugs but he was grooving away. I also enjoyed the DRG house band, all those P90 pickups....

The Roland demo guy was very nice and had everything but the V5. His demo was pretty good in that he was really showing the different effects off nicely with different styles of music.IMHO This link is good for synth players but has no info on the V5!

So my only regret was not to have taken a picture of us, soaking wet, coming into the exhibition, but then I didnít know I was going to this Ďreportageí!

Btw Iím still waiting for my picture from Dean Guitars !
Never got this picture

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