Stringkiller's Ibanez Electro Acoustic Summer 2000 Update

Guitar Strings
After using Dr Zebra's for the last six months (1995) I am now trying Thomasstik Infeld strings
Intial impressions are
  • Good clear sound and harmonics
  • Nice feel
  • Slightly stiffer than similar gauge DR Zebra strings ( I had to tweak the truss rod)
  • One Month later - yes a very smooth articulated and defined sound
  • I'm getting rather fond of Thomasstik Infeld strings for this guitar
  • 2006 onwards Elixirs are the only steel strings I use on all electric and acoustic guitars

I am also going to compare these with Elixir Gore text strings which I have on my Taylor EC 316 Electro acoustic.
These strings sound and feel super and every time I play with people they keep on asking me if I have just put the strings on.

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