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Raisin the bar is our latest CD. The 20 tracks are below.
The Dr Pickup band
A Paris based blues band.

9 Bruce Stringkiller compositions and 1 Shrimp City Slim song.
The ten songs are both studio recordings and live format.

Download them, pass them onto your friends, and enjoy.
Alternative source and other live versions

Dr Pickup - Raisin the bar
22 Febuary 2005

Recorded at Montigny Les Bretonneux municipal studios
Sound engineer - Sylvain Carles
Mixing - Sylvain Carles & the Dr Pickup band

Play list

The judge
Can you handle this?
James Bond is back on TV again
Cash Converter blues
That's the way life is
Saint Andreas Fault
Turn on your lovelight
Texas T bone Walk

All songs by Bruce Stringkiller © 2005 pending.
Can you handle this? by Gary Erwin Blues Chasqui Music (BMI) used by permission
Dr Pickup Live at La Bouillotte
17 Febuary 2005 Igé, France
Recorded, mixed & digitalized
by Bruce Stringkiller

Play list

Can you handle this?
Cash converter blues
James Bond is back on TV again
Saint Andreas Fault Blues
The Judge
Turn on your lovelight
That's the way life is
Texas T bone walk

Drums - Jack Wodka
Bass and vocals - David Vodka
Vocals and guitar - Bruce Stringkiller
Guest keyboards - Pascal from Igé
Bruce used a 1990 PRS Custom 24 guitar
through a Boss TU22 tuner, Fulltone Drive and Mesa Boogie Subway amplifier
on both recordings. A Nady wireless was also used in the concert.

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Artwork - Photos by Nigel Miller. Graphics by Charles Urbain © 2005 All rights reserved. Used with permission

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