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Dr Pickup @ The Royale Factory, Versailles

Wednesday 20 June 21H00 - 22H30
AGM France Blues Assemblée Générale,
Concert followed by jam
All songs by Dr Pickup except the last
"Girl Gunslinger" by Barrence Whitfield

Bande d'annonce
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Guitar used: Paul Reed Smith Singlecut Trem
into a Koch Studiotone

Thank you to Battiste the sound man for
the great sound which you can hear here.

Pour Ecouter le concert (NO mix no fixes)
Thanks to Olivier Eynaud de Faÿ for filling in on the drums
Thank you to Peter Nathanson for playing with us
Peter comes in on the song "The Judge" at minute 40
The first 12 pictures are by Alain Betton
Listen to The Doctor playing songs from the CD Three

ALain AJ-Blues-Drp-Royalefactory-200612-1 ALain AJ-Blues-Drp-Royalefactory-200612-10 ALain AJ-Blues-Drp-Royalefactory-200612-11 ALain AJ-Blues-Drp-Royalefactory-200612-12 ALain AJ-Blues-Drp-Royalefactory-200612-13 ALain AJ-Blues-Drp-Royalefactory-200612-2
ALain AJ-Blues-Drp-Royalefactory-200612-3 ALain AJ-Blues-Drp-Royalefactory-200612-4 ALain AJ-Blues-Drp-Royalefactory-200612-5 ALain AJ-Blues-Drp-Royalefactory-200612-6 ALain AJ-Blues-Drp-Royalefactory-200612-7 ALain AJ-Blues-Drp-Royalefactory-200612-8
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