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Dr Pickup visits the London Music Show 12 June 2009

5H30 start to get to London from Paris
Best Guitars PRS Single cut Hollow Body and Collins I-35
Biggest dissapointment No Koch amplifier stand/booth to visit to tell them how happy I am with their amplifiers

DSC04185 DSC04186 DSC04187 DSC04189 DSC04190 DSC04194
Concert the night before and a 5H00 drive to the Gare du Nord to get the Eurostar
DSC04195 DSC04201 DSC04202 DSC04203 DSC04204 DSC04205
Across London and to the Excel Trade Show, how do Londoners accept all those cameras?
DSC04206 DSC04207 DSC04208 DSC04209 DSC04210 DSC04211
Ticketing was slow, Here's me and Jim Marshall, The sound of Rock and Roll, and Patrick Eggle Guitars
DSC04212 DSC04213 DSC04214 DSC04215 DSC04216 DSC04217
More Patrick Eggle Guitars (Hollow body with piezo) and amps, Peerless Guitars
DSC04218 DSC04219 DSC04220 DSC04221 DSC04222 DSC04223
More Peerless Guitars, Guitar Village From Surrey and PRS Singlecuts, Cool Bose Sound System
DSC04224 DSC04225 DSC04226 DSC04227 DSC04228 DSC04229
Godin guitars, too much din to try anything acoustic out, Andersons from Guildford and More PRS
DSC04230 DSC04231 DSC04232 DSC04233 DSC04235 DSC04236
More PRS Guitars, love the Hollow bodies,
Best giveaway booth or stand Elixir Strings (The best) with a cool Cleaning cloth
DSC04237 DSC04238 DSC04239 DSC04240 DSC04241 DSC04242
Blackstar amps, sounded great but the little 15 watt was too heavy, have to check out the head sometime
DSC04244 DSC04246 DSC04247 DSC04248 DSC04249 DSC04250
Dr Picuup and Mick Taylor, the editor of UK Guitarist magasine, a favorite read,
Steve Mc Creary of Collins Guitars and Vox
DSC04251 DSC04252 DSC04253 DSC04254 DSC04255 DSC04256
Vox, Orange, Bose and PRS at Headline music
DSC04257 DSC04258 DSC04259 DSC04260 DSC04261 DSC04262
PRS Hollow bodies at Headline music
DSC04263 DSC04264 DSC04265 DSC04266 DSC04267 DSC04268
More PRS Hollow bodies at Headline music, The PRS Single Cut Hollow body with Piezo gets my vote as N1 guitar
DSC04269 DSC04270 DSC04271 DSC04272 DSC04273 DSC04274
More PRS Hollow bodies at Headline music, demonstrator was Simon Mc Bride, very cool & tasty
DSC04275 DSC04276 DSC04277 DSC04278 DSC04279 DSC04280
PRS acoustics and This Collings I-35 (335 type) was a revelation, and the best straight electric guitar at the show
DSC04281 DSC04282 DSC04283 DSC04284 DSC04285 DSC04286
More Collings, must check out the acoustics when they arrive in France
DSC04287 DSC04288 DSC04289 DSC04290 DSC04291 DSC04292
More Collings and Taylor guitars
DSC04293 DSC04294 DSC04295 DSC04296 DSC04297 DSC04298
Taylor guitars, Allparts and Goulding Guitars in aluminium,
check the purple strings Check out color coated on the site
DSC04299 DSC04300 DSC04301 DSC04302 DSC04303 DSC04304
More Goulding Guitars and Rob Williams Guitars
DSC04305 DSC04306 DSC04307 DSC04308 DSC04310 DSC04311
More Rob Williams Guitars and Inky Hollow refinishing and a company that can recover amp cabs.
DSC04312 DSC04313 DSC04314 DSC04315 DSC04316 DSC04317
Various stands or booths
DSC04318 DSC04319 DSC04320 DSC04321 DSC04322 DSC04323
Pedalboards Neville Martin the editor of Guitar techniques
DSC04324 DSC04325 DSC04327 DSC04328 DSC04329 DSC04330
Patrick Vigier the owner of Vigier guitars from France & Orange amps and Gallien Krueger
DSC04331 DSC04332 DSC04333 DSC04334 DSC04335 DSC04336
More Gallien Krueger and Ashbury Guitars
DSC04337 DSC04338 DSC04339 DSC04340 DSC04341 DSC04342
More Dave King Guitars I just love the two 6 and 12 string parlour guitars - less din down here
DSC04343 DSC04344 DSC04345 DSC04346 DSC04347 DSC04348
More Roland Drums The most participative stand
DSC04349 DSC04350 DSC04351 DSC04352 DSC04353 DSC04354
Back Headline and PRS also Lakland basses
Jesse asked me to add this link
for best bass guitar for beginners
DSC04355 DSC04356 DSC04357 DSC04358 DSC04359 DSC04360
Vox and Vanquish
DSC04361 DSC04362 DSC04363 DSC04365 DSC04366 DSC04367
Moose guitars, Vox, Vanquish and the coolest guitarist in the place
Guthrie Govan Quietly playing tunes in Harmonics - Fantastic
DSC04368 DSC04369 DSC04370 DSC04371 DSC04372 DSC04373
DSC04374 DSC04375 DSC04376 DSC04377 DSC04378 DSC04379
DSC04380 DSC04381 DSC04382 DSC04383 DSC04384 DSC04386
Auralex Looks interesting
DSC04387 DSC04388 DSC04389 DSC04390 DSC04392 DSC04393
Back to Dave King Guitars I just love the two 6 and 12 string parlour guitars - could not resist
DSC04394 DSC04395 DSC04396 DSC04397 DSC04398 DSC04399
DSC04400 DSC04401 DSC04402 DSC04403 DSC04404 DSC04405
DSC04406 DSC04407 DSC04409 DSC04410

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