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Tokai AS 70 Love Rock Les Paul Standard reproduction

What is there to say about a Tokai AS 70 Love Rock Les Paul Standard reproduction?
That I have not said before?
This picture says it all


There I am in my amplifier repair shop (Valve House music - The temple of tone)
In walks Lionel, not only an old buddy but also an ex Dr Pickup drummer.

While Fredo is tweaking my Laney VC30, Lionel mentions that he is regretfully having to sell a guitar.
Five minutes later the deal was done to the satisfaction of both parties.
The amp has since broken down again so who knows what will happen on the next visit?

Back to the guitar
  • This Tokai guitar has THE sound
  • The pickups are both clear on clean and everything you can expect from a Les Paul Standard and then MORE
  • Great pickup balance - sustain on tap even when playing clean
  • Very low action, probably too low for slide. Buzz free neck
  • An excellent neck shape and good fret finish
  • A light guitar with great workmanship and finish
  • This guitar has the sound.

Less Positive notes
The neck inlays don't look like a high end custom shop finish but like a regular Gibson Les Paul Standard finish with little bits of filler.
As this doesn't affect the playability or sound when I have + 5K US I'll pickup a Gibson Custom Shop where I expect the workmanship to be at least as good as on this Tokai.
Am I complaining? No way at this price (a third of the Gibson list price).
At that price this is a lot of guitar for the money.

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