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Albert King - Now I can't find the album I want to turn you onto -if you haven't already worn it out- called 'Born under a bad sign' (on the Stax label - with Booker T and the MGs (with Mr Steve Cropper on Esquire/Telecaster guitar) So if you see one CD with these tracks from the mid sixties - get it -Born under a bad sign, Oh Pretty Woman, Crosscut saw, Laundromat blues, Personal manager, Kansas City, The Hunter ( ever hear vibrato master Paul Kossof of Free do this?) Otherwise there is an interesting bootleg with Stevie Ray Vaughan . Try Albert King - King Of The Blues Guitar (looks like it got the above tracks) or Live Wire Blues Power.
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The Aengus Pub 28 May 1999.
Real Audio files by The Dr Pickup Band.

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There are 5 pages of 9 photos.
We played fours sets of 50 minutes and great fun was had by all.

Music by Dr Pickup
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Aengus pub concert, Friday 28 May 1999.
- Conflans St Honorine - France

Dr Pickup band and Bruce with his 62 RI Fender Telecaster Custom. Custom just means there is binding around the body.
Rage - (37 seconds) 28.8k modem stream
Raphael and Bruce with his 52 RI Fender Telecaster blowing the break.
(1 minute 23 seconds) 28.8k modem stream

Philip Bottomline
(4 minutes 3 seconds) 28.8k modem stream

Pascal (12 seconds) 28.8k modem stream

Raphael (1 minute 2 seconds) 28.8k modem stream

Bruce with 52 Reissue Fender Telecaster Custom
(1 minute 27 seconds) 28.8k modem stream

Amplifier used (1 minute 7 seconds) was my Mesa Boogie Subway Blues
28.8k modem stream

Could the drummer please sit up so we can see him? (27 seconds) 28.8k modem stream

Here's the crew from the Aengus pub
(1 minute 34 seconds) 28.8k modem stream

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Previous concert at the Aengus pub. Friday 22 January 1999.

The Dr Pickup Real Audio Files

A slow blues by the Dr Pickup band May 99<BR> FENDER 62 RI Telecaster Custom

A slow blues by the Dr Pickup band May 99

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Guitars used at this gig

The Guitar used on this number (and in the first three sets) a 1962
Telecaster Custom reissue featured in Stringkiller's Telecaster Shoot out.

Amplification was my Mesa Boogie Subway Blues
22 watts of heavenly joy and a Mesa Boogie V Twin pedal. That Alnico II neck pickup at the beginning with that fat tone (reverb is on 10) with the slow bends just does it for me Stringkiller ;-). The bends at the end of my solo are behind the nut (where the strings go over and into the tuners) bends. I like the way Raphael is fitting into the band, the song is in Ab and it has thrown more than one piano player a loop ;-)
The Bass guitar used throughout the concert is a Musicman Stringray Bass (Date unknown)
Bass guitar amplification was through the Soundboard (new, I did not notice the make but you'll notice the voice had no reverberation) and Philip always likes to have his small Fender Bass Amplifier around.

To contact Dr Pickup Telephone Day 01 47 08 12 12 Evening 01 41 44 12 12

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