The Alize Restaurant 12 February 1999. Rueil Malmaison France.
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This is the first gig we played as trio for quite a while. Our regular bassist Philippe Bottomline was moonlighting with a French singer Luis Talon at the Club Mediteranée in some exotic place or other and Rashid Ivories,our keyboard player was ill. Anyhow founder member and bass player Jack Vodka very kindly helped us out and played great. Thanks Jack.
When we got there I unpacked my trusty amplifier and guitars and disaster as I looked in the gig bag disaster ! - everything but my Mesa Boogie V twin pedal. Any how as some of my family were coming to the Gig, I didn't worry as they would bring it and in the end I did not use it.
This means that all the guitar you hear here, and there are 57 sound files, is just my 10 fingers, Ernie Ball super Slinky guitar strings, my Tom Anderson Hollow T guitar (winner of the Stringkiller Stringkiller February 99 Telecaster shoot-out competition), my guitar cable and my super little Mesa Boogie Subway blues 20 watt guitar amplifier.
Visit Anderson Alley if you are into these superb guitars!
I knew I was going to have to come out with some good feeling and tasty, varied and soulful wailing. (Read play my best) Listening to the tape and mixing it was a pleasurable experience as I felt the audience was stomping, The Rueil police were romping, came and listened without interrupting (in the Real Audio files 20 to 31 we were playing so quiet you can hear a lot of crowd noise this was during and after their visitation), the band was cooking and a good time was had by all. A special mention for Thomas, my wife's godson (her picture did not come out by the way !) and my cousins Gillian and David and his lovely wife Lynne from Atlanta (Peachtree?) Georgia, also for Faïk and Tony who called at 16H 30 from Brussels to say 'We're on our way Stringkiller so your show better be good' and my French hometown (Rueil Malmaison) best butcher Rudy who came with a whole load of fun people who kept us on our toes.

The Alizé concert - Rueil Malmaison - Friday 12 February 1999.

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