Alligator Swamp @ Le Comptoir des Frangins, 31220 Martres-Tolosane
7 September 2019 www.alligatorswamp.fr
Alligator Swamp is Gerard Bertolino(Gtr), Bruce Stringkiller(Voc&Gtr)

Bruce is playing a Tom Anderson Hollow T & a PRS Custom 24 into a Koch Studiotone & a Voicelive3 into an H&k Lucas soundsystem. Gerard Bertolino is playing a Gibson Tal Farlow into a Digital Delay, H&k Rotosphere, Wah wah into a Fender CS RI Pro 59

Alligator Swamp @ Le Comptoir des Frangins,31220 Martres-Tolosane.

Videos and Pics by audience
Saturday, 7 September 2019

Out of Nowhere

Take the A Train.

Out of Nowhere 2.

Out of Nowhere 3.

Walk dont run

Walk dont run (end)


Blue Moon

In the mood

You ain't going nowhere

You ain't going nowhere 4

You ain't going nowhere (End)

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