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Dr Pickup @ Le Casino de la Bourboule

Dr Pickup est une expérience musicale à découvrir sur scène.
9 August 2014 - All pictures by Hubert Audigier - Merci Hubert :-)

Listen to The Doctor playing songs
from the CD Cruising on the border
Guitars used:
Whole show
Bruce is playing a
A PRS Singlecut Hollow Body
& a PRS Singlecut tremolo through
an amazing
Koch Studiotone amplifier

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

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Hubert Audigierlabourboule9814-15 Hubert Audigierlabourboule9814-16 Hubert Audigierlabourboule9814-17 Hubert Audigierlabourboule9814-2 Hubert Audigierlabourboule9814-3 Hubert Audigierlabourboule9814-4
Hubert Audigierlabourboule9814-5 Hubert Audigierlabourboule9814-6 Hubert Audigierlabourboule9814-7 Hubert Audigierlabourboule9814-8 Hubert Audigierlabourboule9814-9
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