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Dr Pickup @ Le Chalet des Cascades,
Cernay la ville

Friday 22 June 21H00 to 01H00
Back here on July 27
Xavier from For Blues and JP Jolivet guested
Guitars used: Paul Reed Smith Hollow body
& a Paul Reed Smith Custom 24
into a Koch Studiotone and a Mesa Boogie Subway
which fizzled out :-(

Listen to The Doctor playing songs from the CD Three

DSC04140 DSC04141 DSC04142 DSC04143 DSC04144 DSC04145
DSC04146 DSC04147 DSC04148 DSC04149 DSC04150 DSC04151
DSC04152 DSC04153 DSC04154 DSC04155 DSC04156 DSC04157
DSC04158 DSC04159 DSC04160 DSC04161 DSC04162 DSC04163
DSC04164 DSC04165 DSC04166 DSC04167 DSC04168 DSC04169
DSC04170 DSC04171 DSC04173 DSC04176 DSC04177 DSC04178
DSC04179 DSC04180 DSC04181 DSC04182 DSC04183 DSC04184
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