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Dr Pickup @ Le Timbre Poste, Malakoff

Friday 29 June 21H00 - 01H20
JP Jolivet guested

Bande d'annonce - Blues beamer clip
4 Cognac concerts

Guitars used: Tom Anderson Hollow T
into a Koch Studiotone and a Mesa Boogie Subway blues

Listen to The Doctor playing songs from the CD Three

DSC04226 DSC04227 DSC04228 DSC04229 DSC04230 DSC04231
DSC04232 DSC04233 DSC04234 DSC04235 DSC04236 DSC04237
DSC04238 DSC04239 DSC04240 DSC04241 DSC04242 DSC04246
DSC04248 DSC04249 DSC04250 DSC04251 DSC04252 DSC04253
DSC04254 DSC04255 DSC04256 DSC04257 DSC04258 DSC04259
DSC04260 DSC04261
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