Les Bluesmakers @ Virginie's 40th Birthday party

Saturday March 7 - 20H00-21H15 - 23H00-01H00
Paris Country Club, Rueil Malmaison - The Better Photos by Alain
Guitars used PRS Singlecut Hollow body and PRS Singlecut Trem
into a Koch Studiotone and a Mesa Boogie Subway amplifier

Brusse 01 Brusse_xx_02 Brusse_xx_03 Doctor Pickup 002 Doctor_Pickup_001 Doctor_Pickup_002
DSC03013 DSC03014 DSC03015 DSC03016 DSC03017 DSC03018
DSC03019 DSC03020 DSC03021 DSC03022 DSC03023 DSC03024
DSC03025 DSC03026 DSC03027 DSC03028 DSC03029 DSC03030
DSC03031 DSC03032 DSC03033 DSC03034 DSC03035 DSC03036
DSC03037 DSC03038 Groupe Bluesmaker 007 Groupe Bluesmaker 0091 Groupe Brusse-Kilgan-Luc 09 Groupe Virginie et Bluesmaker(1)
Groupe Virginie et Bluesmaker Groupe_Bluesmaker_003 Groupe_Bluesmaker_004 Groupe_Bluesmaker_et_Alan_001 The Bluesmakers 001(1) The Bluesmakers 001
Virginie et Brusse 001(1) Virginie et Brusse 001 Virginie_004 Virginie_et_Brusse_01
Les Bluesmakers
To book the band call Jack @ 06 61 50 71 58
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Bruce is featured in Blues Magazine France