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Dr Pickup - at the Soubock Cauville 20 July 2007

Fantastic Club, Great audience, great staff - a very special evening - 3 sets 9H30 to 1H00
News songs on the way
(L to right)Mighty Michael, Bruce Stringkiller, Daniel Dynamite, David Wodka
Guitars used a PRS Hollow body into a Kotch Studiotone & Mighty Michael my Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster into a Kotch Twintone
Videos at bottom of the page
These pictures by Sandrine Wodka -thanks Sandrine
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To contact Dr Pickup Telephone 01 47 08 12 12

2007 Contact Bruce Stringkiller

Dr Pickup - at the Soubock Cauville 20 July 2007

Fantastic Club, Great audience, great staff - a very special evening
News songs on the way
  • Fabrice and Chantal, Owners and Thanks Chantal for the CD sales
  • Mikael soundman on the 365 Fantastic Bose Sound surround system - WOW
  • Raphael - Lights and visual effects (they are both outside with Danny in the pics)
  • Julie and Chantal - The Waitresses with the mostest of smiles and attitude

To the Soubock - Thanks for your wonderful welcome and we can see how the audience was in such a great mood and was really a fantastic audience
- A magical night -
We look forward to coming back in the fall

That's the way life is - By Bruce Stringkiller

Sitting on top of the world by Walter Vinson / Lonnie Chapmon - First recording The Mississippi Sheiks - 1930

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